Employees' Experiences - Judi B.

Director of Engineering & Technology – Consumer Polyethylene, Operations Reynolds Consumer Products Employee since 2000

I know that I make a difference by setting clear expectations, aligning priorities, and trusting my team to execute.

Reynolds Consumer Products has a culture of high accountability starting with safety. The work environment is results-driven, yet with respect for people. Expectations and direction is clear. Leaders are eager to hear your ideas and to see strong results. Reynolds Consumer Products leaders balance the short term objectives while keeping focus on the long-term vision and strategy.

I've seen positive change and a focus on innovation, for example, a new Innovation team was created in early 2012. This team is composed of dedicated innovation engineers and innovation marketers working to identify opportunities.


  • Accepting various positions in the company
  • Relocating to grow in my career
  • Acting in temporary roles while still performing my assigned position
  • Giving the credit for good work to those around me because success is a result to the team, not one person.